Trojan Condom Magnum Extra Large Lubricated 12 Pack

Trojan Condom Magnum Extra Large Lubricated 12 Pack

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  • Product Sku: ATJ64714
  • Manufacturer: Trojan
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  • Release Date: December 26, 2007


Trojan Magnum XL condoms are larger than the original Magnum, and 30% larger than standard condoms. The widest condom on the market today, this condom is designed with extra head room, and tapered at the base for a secure fit. Made from premium quality latex to help reduce risk. Silky smooth lubricant For comfort and sensitivity. Reservoir tip for extra safety. Trojan condoms : America's number 1 condom. Trusted for over 80 years. Triple tested Trojan quality. Made in the USA.

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Not that large

A guy buys these when he wants the size of the box to be seen. They are not much bigger than an average condom in width and that is the important part. If you don’t have to use copious amounts of lube and slowly ease your way inside your lover then you most likely are not packing a big duck. These condoms are approximately eight inches long which won’t cover my entire shaft but that’s fine since I’m simply too big to stick the whole thing in her, I’m very thick and very long. The width at the head is closer to what I need for the whole length but it tapers down to just a few millimeters bigger than an average condom for the shaft width. Why?! Just make a truly large condom for hung guys.
So I kept looking and settled on my size pros. They come in a range of sizes, simple numbers that are millimeter measurements so the packaging isn’t made to impress anyone. To impress her I have my penis and what I can do with it. It’s a snug fit but I buy the 72’s, that’s the width, 2.83”. And the width runs the whole 8.78” of length. With a bit of stretch I can cover why entire member. If you have a truly massive cock you owe it to yourself to find a condom that fits and doesn’t strangle the life out of your man cannon and suck the joy out of having sex even with a rubber on.

Anonymous - December 11 2022

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