Doctor Love`s The Perfect Extension Harnessed Extension - Vanilla

Doctor Love`s The Perfect Extension Harnessed Extension - Vanilla

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  • Product Sku: DNC1807-02
  • Manufacturer: New Concepts - Deeva
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: December 26, 2007


The Perfect Extension was designed to answer countless requests for an extension that could be used with or without and erection yet soft and comfortable for your partner and at the same time rigid enough for easy penetration. This prosthetic device is 2" in diameter and has wides traps for comfort that are adjustable up to 50 inches. Approximate dimensions of inside sleeve is 6.8" x 1.6" diameter.

- Comfortable for user and partner
- Soft outer sleeve with semi rigid inner sleeve
- Designed for use with or without and erection
- Wide straps are adjustable up to 50 inches
- Safe to use with your favorite water soluble lubricant

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Product Reviews

It is HUGE!

Taken a while to get to review this product but the visual impact on opening the box was pretty shocking but visually awesome to say the least.
It actually (and I took my time doing this ok) measures: Length 10" FULL inches base to tip............YES!!!!!
The plastic insert was of no use to me & before my purchase I read the reviews & had decided to use it as a sleeve & NOT a strap-on, as I knew I wouldn't fit inside the hard plastic insert anyway.
I very carefully peeled back the base of the outer skin part from the plastic insert then gradually with some effort managed to take out the inner plastic portion making it a very usable sleeve/extension.
The inner length measures exactly 7 1/2" & is a full 2" wide inside. It looked too spacious but actually guys if you have a decent thickness then lube up your junk before you start to get excited & slip it inside the "sleeve" then squeeze out ALL the air from the tip towards the base you will find it gives a pleasant suction & with a little more shall we say 'manual effort' & blood flow I found the sleeve to fit perfectly AND it stays right there from the suction created.
Just remember to keep squeezing out the air so that when you are becoming fully erect it won't effect your performance & will absolutely stay on 'hands free' without any kind of problem during the most physical & demanding bedroom antics!!!!!!!
My wife LOVES the thickness - more length than she can handle ! On it looks impressive, it's hefty & got a good weight too.
It's a toy folks meant to be fun so ..................Enjoy!!!!!!

Anonymous - February 14 2017

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