Jo Premium Jelly Silicone Lubricant Original 4oz

Jo Premium Jelly Silicone Lubricant Original 4oz

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  • Product Sku: VDL40771
  • Manufacturer: System Jo
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: November 24, 2015


Introducing our JO PREMIUM JELLY Collection; an all new silicone-based personal lubricant designed for extra adventurous play. The thicker texture makes this product a great partner for solo, couple and some toy play. Available in light, original and maximum thicknesses.
OUR FAVORITE: Maximum TID-BIT: Makes a great DEMO product. Apply a small amount to thumb and stretch the lubricant with your index and middle finger. If that doesnt wow, the light, thin & silky glide definitely will!

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Only lube I use

I have a fairly good sized penis, 8” x 6” and I learned early on in my sexual encounters this lube is not optional for me. It a must for the massive cock I'm packing. My wife is thankful for my early lesson on the need for lube, and my veiny super shaft. This lube is so thick and lasts as long as we do!
I like to rub some around her lips and clit before I start grinding the base of my shaft into her pussy. Once she is warmed up I rub it on my head and shaft before I penetrate her with just the tip. I take me time driving my cock in and out of her, slowly inching my thrill drill into her wet pussy. She’s moaning and orgasming before I’m balls deep. I let the contractions of her vagina subside before I begin to thrust anymore.
After her first orgasm I like to put her let’s over my shoulders and drive my penis in and out of her. From this vantage I can watch as her pussy takes in all of my shaft. It’s such a turn on to see my member drive in and out of her. We are still on just one application of lube. It’s not too long before she is orgasming again, this time screaming my name.
When she asks me if I’m close to blowing I tell her to turn over and get on all fours. She gets on all fours with just her knees and arms on the bed. She spreads her legs and arches her back pushing her wet pussy toward me. I massage the lips of her pussy as I step between her legs. I grasp her by her ass cheeks and spread them as I push the glans of my penis inside her pussy. She moans and melts into the bed. I pull her onto my shaft and begin to drive my cock in and out of her. I love getting to see my penis go in and out of my wife. It’s a huge turn on! As I keep pounding her she reaches between her legs to fondle my balls. This lube just keeps going! I pull out of her vagina and begin to spread those ass cheeks again to take it to the back door. As I stick it in her butt I just keep pounding away until I blow my load inside her ass.

Anonymous - June 14 2022

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